Royal Relief

Royal Relief is an all natural herbal anti-infl ammatory and topical pain reliever. The herbs are the first distillation off the plant, and therefore, the strongest. Each herb has anti-infl ammatory properties as well as addressing specific accident or injury issues. Due to it’s purity and effectiveness, most people feel results almost immediately.

Royal Relief includes ingredients that are effective on specific parts of the body (muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, veins, and even skin) as well as inflammation. Individually, these are incredibly effective medicinal herbs that address pain by reducing inflammation, soothing pain, relaxing muscles and stiff joints, improving circulation, and promoting the healing of sprains, strains and tears. Combined together, they are even more effective. Royal Relief is a powerful pain treatment because it addresses both joint and muscle issues as well as inflammation while relieving pain.

Royal Relief Pain Reliever's unique packaging makes it a suitable gift for friends or family, and what better way to say "I love you" than to give them the ultimate gift of pain relief? The gift pack includes a 4oz bottle of Royal Relief Pain Reliever and an attractive refillable (pre-filled) blue atomizer for your pocket or purse. Royal Relief Pain Relief and the atomizer each are protected in their own royal blue velvet bag.

For your convenience, a pdf version can be sent upon request.

Royal Relief's Active Ingredients

***For External Use Only*** - Do not use on mucous membranes. If rash occurs, stop use immediately. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

**Due to a customer who filed a complaint through their bank instead of contacting me personally, despite an email sent to her from me which was never answered, and the fact that the postage is horrendously high, these products will no longer be available for purchase online in Canada through Paypal. 
*** US customers - an alternative method of payment to Paypal is under construction.